Powerful Game Management Software for Your Escape Room

Run your games from a single phone, tablet or PC.


Create a mood for each of your rooms by choosing the perfect colour palette, background image, theme music, and sound effects.

  • Customize colours
  • Use any Google Font
  • Use our preloaded background images or upload your own
  • Use our curated selection of background music or upload your own

Timer Control

Start, pause and manage the room timer. You can easily add or remove time as you see fit using our "quick time" buttons or manually inputting a specific time frame.

Media Effects

Enhance your room theme / story by playing various sound effects, images, videos throughout the game. You can plan timed events or manually play media during the game.


Send pre-loaded or real time hints with ease.

Player Check-in & Disclaimers

Sign in players digitally, and grab contact information for each player. Customize our pre-written disclaimer, so players take the game seriously.

Game Controller Layout

You can layout your game controller anyway you like. Use an unlimited number of tabs, hints and media.

Game Analytics & Leaderboard

We automatically track when and how many hints a player uses. We also automatically record their time and place them in the leaderboard that you can display on your website or on a display in your escape room

Automated Photos & Social Media Management

EscapeAssist will take and format team photos to include your logo, team name, and escape time. We automatically upload them to your social media accounts and send follow-up emails to players. We can upload automatically to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Free Easy Setup

Our entire escape game software has been designed to be user-friendly, including setup. We would be happy to walk you through any (or all) steps of the process. Reach out to us if you or your game masters need any assistance!

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